Transmission broadband Solution

While organizations are seeking more efficient, technology led ways to reduce the workload of low-level tasks on employees, Actel enables workers with tenders that help them collaborate, coordinate resources and stay informed. We innovate to deliver on the promise of broadband by enabling smarter, faster broadband networks and a thriving broadband ecosystem at the right cost and the best quality.

ACTEL Provides Complete Wi-Max high-performance hybrid-wireless point-to-point (PtP) and point to multipoint (PtMP) high Data Speed Connectivity to Connect the onshore control station with over-and underwater Cameras on each platform to monitor & control each Offshore location.

Core networks signaling.

Actel offers industry-leading technology to afford Core networks signaling. With fine-tuning of the signaling subsystem to their service setups, faster integration with the core network including third party network functions, lower network risk of an outage with greater reliability, unified tracing and probing across all encrypted signaling interfaces, simplified network operations, and overall lower total cost of ownership.